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Sleep, mood and stress check

Do you suffer from sleep problems, struggle with mood swings or do you often experience stress?

We will be happy to help. The sleep, mood and stress check serves as a first point of contact for problems with one or more of these issues.


Take 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire and then book a 30-minute consultation (see link below) at our pharmacy. Invest CHF 69 in your well-being and health.

During the consultation, we look at your individual situation, find possible causes and work together to develop coping-strategies. The consultation is conducted by a health promotion practicioner.

In addition to individual solutions, you will receive a list of well-founded measures for sleep hygiene, a small gift for relaxation and, if necessary, other suitable tools and contact points (e.g. app recommendations or an address including a voucher for psychological coaching).

Two weeks after the appointment, we will call you - if you wish - and ask how the situation has changed. If necessary, we will plan further steps.

You can book an appointment here
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If you have any questions about your health, the staff at Kirchenfeld Apotheke are your first point of contact - knowledgeable, personal and discreet.
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