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Sharaniya Sivarajalingam
Pharmacy assistant
Redona Osmani
Pharmacy assistant
Naima Morf
Pharmacy assistant in training
Serina Clark
Pharmacy assistant in training
Sabina De Pascalis
Pharmacy assistant
Andrea Lüthi
Pharmacy assistant
Nicolas Lutz
Pharmacist and proprietor
Nazanin Hosseini
Pharmacy assistant in training
Diana Doshlaku
Pharmacy assistant
Madeleine Oeri
Mohammad Jamshidi
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Pharmacy assistant

About us

2022 and outlook

Now our services and digitalisation in the pharmacy took centre stage again. We are also committed to health promotion and prevention – a health centre is being planned.


At the start of 2020, combating the coronavirus pandemic became the focus of our day-to-day pharmacy activities. We were able to play our part by carrying out numerous Covid tests at our vaccination and test centre, and by performing some 3,000 Covid vaccinations by the start of 2022.


Nicolas Lutz took over the pharmacy in October 2019. Martin Leuenberger and the Kirchenfeld pharmacy team continued to be there for you. Visit us and experience a journey through our 125-year history.


Martin Leuenberger took over the pharmacy. The shop space was enlarged and the old apothecary cabinets were given more space. The result was a successful blend of tradition and modernity.


Ursula Beck took over the pharmacy. In 1978, she purchased the property at Thunstrasse 15 from National-Versicherung. A further reconstruction took place in 1984.

1898 to 1965

Viktor von Schaller took over from 1898. Oskar Schwab followed in 1912. He served as the chairman of the cantonal association of pharmacists for several years and was a city councillor from 1928 to 1945. His son Rudolf Schwab took over in 1958.


The Kirchenfeld pharmacy was one of the first shops in the district. It was founded in 1894 by Ch. Taucher, eleven years after the construction of the Kirchenfeld Bridge.


If you have any questions about your health, the staff at Kirchenfeld Pharmacy is your first point of contact - knowledgeable, personal and discreet.

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